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INK is a process-based theater program that provides an exploratory arts education for kids and teens by unleashing their unlimited creative potential resulting in original material.


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The Method

We begin with the child. We find out who they are. A safe space is our top priority so that kids feel comfortable to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions, as those are the most necessary ingredients for a healthy artist process. We then delve into story deconstruction along with discussion based critique, which then leads into monologue writing. Each kid chooses a character to write for, allowing them to share their own thoughts and feelings as that character. Once we have a solid character base, they then create their own story arc and the script writing begins. Kids also have an opportunity to refine a specific craft by choosing an artistic area of focus: music, dance, set design, costume design, acting or writing. They focus on creating each of those elements over the course of the semester, and then we pull them all together to form a fully collaborative theatrical production. 


1-2-3 you're it.


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Original Content

All creative aspects of all theatrical shows will be created and inspired by the kids. Our desire is to not only increase confidence in performance, but also ignite curiosity as they discover their infinite value within society.






Our non-judgemental and free environment results in increased vulnerability and transparency designed to release unlimited creative potential and creates an environment where each child learns to value others in addition to his or herself. 

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Process Over Product

Programs will emphasize personal development over polished performances and perfect technique, and crafted with the interest of creating wholesome and well-rounded adults over immaculate performers.


"The best material we have to offer the world is the original stuff already inside of us."

RACHEL KISER  |  Founder

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Inspiring people to discover their creative genius and grow artistically is Rachel's passion and life's work. She started INK Theater for the youngest among us to learn that they have unlimited potential to do extraordinary things. As an educator for the past 20 years, Rachel has written innovative curriculum and developed progressive educational programs (and pioneered a school!), coached individuals and classes of all ages in music, theater, and - her favorite - musical theater, and has traveled the globe bringing the hope and joy that only music and theater can bring to even the remotest villages in Africa. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Master of Music with an educational focus from University of Wisconsin.




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