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Performance is the Result, not the objective.

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The INK Method

We begin with the child. We find out who they are. A safe space is our top priority so that kids feel comfortable to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions, as those are the most necessary ingredients for a healthy artist process. We then delve into story deconstruction along with discussion based critique, which then leads into monologue writing. Each kid chooses a character to write for, allowing them to share their own thoughts and feelings as that character. Once we have a solid character base, they then create their own story arc and the script writing begins. Kids also have an opportunity to refine a specific craft by choosing an artistic area of focus: music, dance, set design, costume design, acting or writing. They focus on creating each of those elements over the course of the semester, and then we pull them all together to form a fully collaborative theatrical production. 


“I love that we create everything ourselves ... we get to bring what's in our head to life.”


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Every session begins with a creative warmup, an artist meditation, and a personal check-in.



We begin with analyzing a short story, breaking down the various components and vocabulary such as protagonist, introduction, conflict and resolution. Various games, techniques and discussions are introduced in addition to encouraging quick and critical thinking skills for crafting a story and discovering meaningful themes. 



We start with a warmup discussion exercise using a familiar story. Each student chooses a character from the previously discussed story, and writes for that character. Students learn tools for communication and practice how to express their own emotions and ideas through the character. 



Story arc is discussed in further detail during this stage, which is then developed into specific scenes. The students also finalize their character list for the show they are creating together. Writing groups are formed and each group begins writing dialogue for each specific scene. 



Each student is asked to choose a specific craft that they would like to learn more about: music, dance, set design, costume design, acting or writing. Professionals are invited from each area to coach the students as they learn the art of refining their craft into their most excellent work. This process encourages discovery individual creative flow, along with collaborative critique in a healthy environment. 



Rehearsals begin during this stage. Blocking is a collaborative process as students continue to refine their show once it's up on it's feet. They are also exposed to a professional theatrical venue and production elements while they discover the traditional aspects of the theater such as blocking, choreography, performing on stage for an audience, etc. 


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